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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 14, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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their own. >> elsewhere on the eve of a historic referendum in egypt, opponents and supporters of the president clash on the streets. officwelcome to our viewers on public television. they have their whole lives ahead of them. president obama echoes the sorrow of the whole nation after a gunman opened fire in a school full of little children. and the small community of newtown, conn., at least 26 teachers and children are killed. the shooter is also dead. this is the 12 the mass shooting this year and america and mr. obama said that the country must take action. >> a friday morning with chris
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this looming. -- christmas shooting. moments later, heavily armed officers went in and it terrified children aged between 5-10 were being carried out. >> i saw some of the bullets going past the hall that i was right next to and then the teacher pulled me into her classroom. we heard shots and everyone went on the ground. >> we all went over to a corner and the teacher was to keep us until the police officers. >> they had machine guns. >> i heard seven loud booms and then the teachers told us to go in the corner. we all huddled. i kept hearing these booming
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noises. >> as alarmed parents rushed back to the school, are the reports told of the gun at confronting a children and three -- confronting a teacher. it became clear that this was murdered on a horrific scale. >> there were fatalities, there was 18 children that were pronounced dead at the school. there were two that were transported to area hospitals and were pronounced dead at the hospital. there was six adults pronounced dead at the scene. the shooter is deceased. >> u.s. networks say that the killer was a man and his 20's his mother was thought to be a teacher at the school. in washington, where the flag flies at half mast, barack obama addressed the nation as a president and a father. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.
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they had their entire lives ahead of them -- birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. this among the fallen also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. our hearts are broken. >> he demanded meaningful action, a hint at perhaps tighter gun laws. that argument is for tomorrow. for now, america is trying to comprehend the how and why of the mass killings and a small rural community. new town was supposed to be a haven, a world away from the
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bustle of nearby new york. today, the elementary school was robbed of it and since joining colorblind and virginia tech of the grim roll call of loss. -- joining columbine and virginia tech of the grim roll- call of loss. >> what are the police saying? do we know any more about what happened? >> >> police are not saying very much, actually. they have not officially released the name of the gunmen but they have confirmed there was only one. they were arguing that there might have been a key. what we h been hearing unofficially is that he was a 20-year-old who was the son of a teacher at the school. the way he was described was completely dressed in black carrying two handguns.
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he stopped at the principal's office, shot the principal, scott the school psychologist, injured the vice principal and then continued on to the kindergarten class where his mother was a teacher. most of the shootings took place in two wombrooms. the children that were killed were apparently very on. we have heard that two children who were in hospitals have passed away now, so that brings the number of children killed from 18 to 20. >> it is just unbelievable, an extraordinary family tragedy for the teacher who was killed whose son now is suspected of doing this. what do we know about where the families are now and everyone knows now who has been killed and who got away. i heard one of the police officials say that they wanted to make sure they got the information exactly right
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before they released it. >> yes, we don't have a great deal of detail about the shootings were related to the family of a gunman. we had been told that the police are presuming that his mother is dead and that another relative was killed in the house in the committee. very few official details. in terms of the other death, no names or other details have been released but we do know that 20 children were killed. we know that the other children have been reunited with their parents. there was scenes of panic when thertheir parents came running p try to figure out what happened. we came across one that young man on the street was frantically waving -- wailing. we asked him what was wrong and
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he said he had lost a brother. there are many questions being asked about what happened during the shooting but more than that, people are saying, how could this happen? how could a man do this? >> how are people responding tonight? there does seem to be a sense of shock that it could happen in this affluent suburban neighborhood that is a pretty idyllic place for people to live. >> it is a very small town, 27,000 people. once to get away from the main street, you go into a small street with a lot of trees. you almost feel like you are in a forest and some areas. people have felt they were very safe here. that was the impression. i think that that is going to make coming to terms with this order. everybody knows everybody.
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one day and the police said is that they will respond to the scenes. some of the policeman had children in the school. everybody connected, they will have to come together and deal with the grief. >> president obama had this to say about the shocking number of shootings which have taken place in this country. >> of the country, we have been through this two times, whether it is an elementary school, a shopping mall in oregon, or a temple in wisconsin, or a movie theater in aurora. these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods and these children are our children. >> 40 me to talk about the gun
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violence is the director of the johns hopkins center for gun violence and policy. lay out for us the differences between what happens in america and what happens in other countries are around the world in terms of gun violence. >> well, the u.s. has a homicide rate that is approximately seven times as high as the average homicide rate in other high income countries. that is largely due to the fact that power firearm homicide rate is 22 times higher than average than other high-income countries. is that because the u.s. is simply a more violent country? i doubt it. if you look at urban crime data from u.s. cities compared to
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other cities in canada and other places, they're not radically different. what is most distinctive is that our violent crime is far more lethal and that is largely due to the fact that we have a rather porous system from trying to keep guns from dangerous system. >> connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws in america get as you suggest it is very easy for weapons to move across this country, in my experience come whenever one of these mass shootings happens, it does not lead necessarily to tighter gun control. >> sadly, that is the case. typically, when such incidents occur, you have different agitations of those events. you have one set of individuals who say that we have to do something to strengthen our gun laws. then you have another group of
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individuals who say that we made it easier for teachers to have guns in public schools or what i consider to be rather fantasy come rather bad ideas. there are too many people who have this notion that the way we are going to solve this problem is to simply have more citizens armed and ready to respond in a uruguay to take down the bad guys. >> which is of course a very difficult thing to implement but do you think that this might be different because the age of the children perhaps in trying to tighten those loopholes and allowing people with mental illnesses or psychological promise to have access to guns?
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>> i did not hear the last part. >> could this lead to tight restrictions on people with mental illnesses having guns? >> i think it would. we have seen these instances before with individuals with a mental illness. we really have not taken the steps. i hope we are learning our lesson that this is something that we should not tolerate, that we really can and develop systems for the accountability that makes it far more difficult for these kinds of tragedies and everyday gun violence. every single day, roughly 32 individuals are killed with guns and homicides in the u.s.. >> which is a shocking number. daniel webster, thank you very much for joining us.
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president obama says this is the time to take action in the light of this unthinkable tragedy in connecticut. we will have more on that story later but let's get a quick look at other news from around the world. tensions are high in egypt tonight ahead of the voting and a referendum on the country's draft constitution. president morsi says that ratification is essential if the country is to move on from the rule of hosni mubarak. we have been gauging opinion among egyptians in the final hours before voting began. >> the mood is festive and tahrir square on the eve of this crucial vote. the birthplace of each of's a revolution is still a place to protest. now, it is against the constitution. a draft driven by the muslim brotherhood is too vague on issues like individual freedoms and of women's rights.
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>> they were the majority of the people who were writing it, they came from the brotherhood. so, they wrote it. so, this does not represent egypt. >> the presidential adviser denies this charter has an islamist agenda. >> we are fighting against the autocratic system. we don't believe that this is distinct but all individual rights, all democratic would observe it in the best. >> this quite a village is where the president was born. most egyptians live in rural areas. most are poor. this new constitution affects every aspect of their lives, from rights, religion, to the roles of the state. i would be the first one at the polling station with my wife and family, said this man. this gives power to the poor.
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thelf hour's drive away, president's family home is now encircled by barricades. it was recently targeted by angry protesters. it is not hard to find people's views here. >> have you seen your constitution? >> yes. >> evolution gave them new freedom to speak their mind. our straw poll in the streets quickly transformed into a passionate debate. >> this is very healthy. the people say yes, the people say no. whatever the results, i say yes. >> the above sites, some voting yes, some of voting no. this is all through the resolution.
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-- revolution. tomorrow's vote is a major stepping stone. the nation is now deeply divided over where it is heading. >> a tense weekend in egypt and there was news from syria. the pentagon announced that it will send patriot air defense missiles and 400 troops to turkey as part of a nato force. the aim is to protect turkish territory from potential missile attacks from syria. this comes as russia is backtracking on yesterday's statement that the opposition might actually win there. >> syrian forces bombing rebel positions on the turkish border earlier this year. the wounded brought across to the turkish side. syrian shells have landed on turkish territory itself also causing casualties. it could be vulnerable to
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serbian missile fire, turkey asked to protect against any such threat, we are deploying two patriot battalions here to turkey, along with the troops that are necessary to man those batteries. so that we can help turkey had a missile defense that they may very well need in dealing with threats that come out of syria. >> the american defense secretary announcing that the u.s. was joining germany and benevolence in providing patriot missiles. does this risk raising the stakes? >> i see these as predominantly a defensive move. i think the assad regime knows it is a defensive move. they can theoretically be used to shoot down planes, this is probably not going to happen. they are far too expensive to use for that purpose.
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>> syria's most important ally has already responded, saying that the american missile deployment creates extra tension and is not help for a diplomatic solution. it does put the spotlight again on the volatile a syrian-turkish border. an area given support to the rebels. the patriot missile sites have not been disclosed. all will be under nato command and control. >> significant elements in syria. four days, they had been celebrating in p'yongyang after a successful missile launch. today was the biggest display yet. hundreds of thousands were summoned to show their enthusiasm to the world. the launch came just 8 months after a similar attempt ended in
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failure. we report now from seoul. >> celebrations are not spontaneous affairs. square,'yongyang's main hundreds of thousands of people took their places, standing stiffly in the cold. over their heads, the banners describe to the people's fervent joy. there was little celebration on their faces. many of the soldiers looked cold. the speeches talked of their south korean scientific prowess. also in praise of its leaders, in particular, its current one. kim jong un has been in power for less than a year. he oversaw the process and gave the order. this is the second time he has pressed ahead with a lunch in the face of fierce international opposition and he has promised there will be more to come. he has said that north korea is
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exercising its right to the peaceful use of space. not everyone sees it that way. the u.n. has deplored the launch same that it breaks the u.s. ban on missile tests. south korea and the u.s. say it is a cover for north korea's missile program. they promised there will be consequences. north korea faces consequences and also has food consequences. the launch of the satellite might be impressive but it is the only thing they can celebrate this year. >> scientists say they are surprised by an astonishing development. new research shows that obesity kills more people around the world than malnutrition. in one of the biggest global health studies ever carried out, researchers assessed 650 million individuals. results from 187 countries. our health correspondent has the
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details. >> we are eating too much of the wrong food. obesity is killing three times more people than hunter. almost 500 researchers around the world worked on this data could which shows infectious diseases that were big killers are being tackled successfully. the downside is that adults it is becoming much less healthy. diseases like tuberculosis are much less likely to make you ill but deaths from of the city is on the rise. globally, obesity has increased by 82% over the past two decades. middle eastern countries are more apiece than ever, seeing a 100% increase since 1990. in the same time, there has been success in tackling malnutrition with deaths down 2/3 in the last 30 years. this report actually bears out
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the trends that we have seen over the years. people's lifestyles are changing and there are high levels of chronic diseases which are underpinned by conditions such as obesity. >> sub-saharan africa still has its own specific problems but with life expectancy in many countries still much lower than the rest of the world. the gap in ill health between this region and elsewhere has widened. the researchers warn that aides have not gone away and africa is having to get to grips with other elements like mental illness. these figures present fresh information and fresh challenges. >> we return to the scene in connecticut where 26 people were killed today. we can speak again to barbara. all around the country, people are absolutely stunned by this unbelievable, nowhere more so than in newtown.
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>> absolutely. at the end of this horrible day, we have very little official information from police. they have not even officially named the gunman. what we understand is that this young man marched into a school where his mother was teaching and open fire mostly it seems in a kindergarten class which people cannot wrap their minds around. you have all of the parents that manage to come and get their children and take them home where they're trying to come to terms. then, you have smith family members that have lost people -- you have some family members that have lost people. there will be services in the coming days. >> there will be vigils ride across the country. thank you so much for joining us at the end of this incredibly dark day for america. a heartbreaking day in which a sum many small children have
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been killed by a shooter. -- in which so many small children have been killed by a shooter. you can get updates on connecticut anytime on a website, facebook, twitter as well. thank you so much for watching. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank.
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>> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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